Best cosmetics shop in Dhaka

At present, cosmetics is one of the leading industries of Bangladesh. For this reason, there are lots of the best cosmetic shops in Dhaka. There are reputed native companies that manufacture cosmetics products and gain people’s trust. Square, ACI, Keya, Kohinoor, Lalbag chemical, Uniliver Bangladesh, Marico, Kumaria, Cute are some of them. Although there is a huge demand for cosmetic products, the industry has become city-centric due to its easy availability. And this is why the best cosmetic shops are located in Dhaka. Let us discuss this in detail about this industry.

Setup of cosmetics business in Bangladesh

BSTI is the first quality checker of cosmetic and toiletries products. BSTI tests all factors including, materials, production systems, measurement, and process. This testing procedure is essential for passing legal boundaries and fit for export or import. In fact, BSTI certification is the standard mark for these products. All kind of cosmetic products, including lipstick, perfume, shampoo, oil, etc., needs BSTI certification to sell in the Bangladeshi market. After getting a BSTI license, it needs to be the registrar of RJSC established a factory. Choose a name to get clearance of RJSC and avoid conflict with other company names. After getting name clearance certificates, you must complete the registration procedure within one month.

Best cosmetic shop in Dhaka

There are cosmetic shops in almost every corner of Dhaka. But for good quality foreign cosmetics you need to find popular and reliable stores. Sardar Emporium is one of them. They import all branded cosmetics from Dubai, Singapur, and other countries. According to the research, about four thousand crore taka worth of cosmetics is sold every year. A large part of which comes from abroad. But some unscrupulous clique import counterfeit and low-quality products and then sell them at high prices by labeling them as reputable brands. For this reason, you must buy cosmetics and skincare products from reliable stores. Otherwise, fake and low-quality cosmetics can cause severe damage to your skin.

However, there are many best cosmetic shops in Dhaka, and you can collect your desired product from them. In addition to the market expansion of cosmetic products, the violence of counterfeit products is also noticeable. So look carefully before buying products, and buy from the best stores to avoid counterfeit products. Happy shopping.

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